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gtivo - a GTK/Gnome Application for TiVo

This application is a GUI tool written with the Gnome/GTK libraries. It can be used to view Television Show details and extract tyStreams (TiVo proprietary media streams) from a network enabled TiVo device. This application will run in Linux (and possibly other Unix varients).

Please continue onto the project page for more information including status and any available downloads.

Why was gtivo written? Because, "I have a lot of love to give." Taken from Magnolia. What an awesome movie. I think this will be the gtivo slogan.

Need Help with gtivo? Look no further, the english manual has been written.

gserver - TiVo Side Network Daemon

The gserver utility is a network daemon that runs on the TiVo. It assists with communicating over the network. This package can be used completely seprately from gtivo. However, if gtivo is used, the gserver must also be used.


Tue Oct 15 22:05:53 PDT 2002::gtivo 0.20 beta was released.
Users are asked to provide feedback through the project page on sourceforge.
Tue Aug 27 21:09:32 PDT 2002::gserver 0.5.1 was released.
First version that could extract a show from the TiVo was completed (pre-alpha version 5).
Mon Aug 26 16:53:32 PDT 2002::gserver 0.5 was released.
Fri Jul 12 22:49:42 PDT 2002::gserver 0.4 was released.
Wed Jul 10 12:32:27 PDT 2002::gserver 0.3 was released.

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