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gtivo has many user configurable preferences. Each option is grouped into a category based on any options which may be related to it.

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Save As Options

If the user is familiar with xmms (music file playing software for Linux) or grip (music file creation software for Linux) the following formats may be familiar. When specified in the "Save As" field, the individual options will be expanded to values found within the selected show's data type. The following table will detail the options and their meanings.

The Save As field is used in conjunction with the Location setting. Location sets the base directory for saving shows and typically looks like: "/path" The Save As field is joined to the Location field with a "/" (forward slash) character tying the two together.

Save As Options
%e Episode - The title of the specific showing.
%f File Extension - used to allow gtivo to save the file as a .ty (tyStream), .mpeg (MPEGv2) or .html file.
%p Program - The name of the Show (for example: Enterprise, CHiPs, A-Team)
%s Station - The station that the show was recorded on.
%F Internal TiVo data (seems silly to use)
%P Internal TiVo data (seems silly to use)
%d Date (seems silly to use)
%D Day (seems even sillier to use)

What happens when Store Chunks seperately is used? In the event that this option is turned on, gtivo will use the filename selected above, but will prepend a number to the file. The number will start at 1 and will increase until all chunks have been extracted. For example, if a show was being saved as "Show_X" and had 3 chunks, the following files would be created: 1_Show_X, 2_Show_X and 3_Show_X.

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