gtivo Guide

Detailed Information - Now Showing

Each show has a data record associated with it. Within this record are many hidden fields and some more important and displayed fields. The following appear in the main display:

Detailed Information - Web Server Extracted

Detailed information can be extracted from a Tivoweb server. For more information on the format of this file, please see the Tivoweb documentation. Should the documentation not exist, install Tivoweb and drill down to the episode level in the "Now Showing" module :)

Changing View Modes

View modes are defined as "the order in which data is sorted or displayed." The user may click on the column titles to change the sorting algorithm. Some of the options are: RIP, Program, Episode, Size, Date - Day and Station.

When a selection is made, the data in the main display will be refreshed with a new ordering scheme.

An Introduction to gtivo